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June 1, 2011


US Freediving Team Selection Criteria for 2011 AIDA Depth World Championships


The United States Apnea Association (USAA) announces the selection criteria for the United States Freediving Team for membership on the US Freediving Team for the 2011 AIDA Depth Freediving World Championships taking place in Greece. The team consists of up to three male and three female athletes per discipline. Selection will be based on performances in any AIDA ranking list competition from the last two years.

The team will be representing the United States at the 2011 International Association for the Development of Apnea, AIDA, Team Freediving World Championships at the end of September in Kalamata, Greece.. US Team selection will be based on performances in any of the three depth freediving disciplines (Constant Weight, Constant No Fins, and Free Immersion) realized by athletes in any AIDA Ranking List competition after January 1, 2009 until June 26, 2011. This is an individual championships, so selection will be for each discipline independently. Any athlete interested in applying for a position on the US Freediving Team must submit their application to

The application must present the following items.

Athlete's Name
Contact information including E-mail and phone number
Performances realized in AIDA Ranking List Competition and points achieved.
Date(s) of performances
Statement of US Citizenship (You hold a US Passport and have represented yourself as a US athlete).

Athletes are welcome to apply for one, two or all three disciplines. Each discipline will be selected separately. If an athlete wishes to participate in all three disciplines but does not have performances in all three areas, they are encouraged to indicate this on their application. USAA encourages any and all athletes interested in participating on the US Freediving Team to submit performances for selection to the team. Final selection of the team will commence after the submission deadline of June 26, 2011. The top three male and female athletes with the highest point totals in each discipline will be selected to the US Freediving Team.

Anyone being considered for the US Freediving Team must be a USAA member. All athletes will be required to have signed medical releases for freediving, personal diving accident insurance policies, signed USAA liability waivers, provide their own expenses for participation in World Championships, and participate in all team functions. Any selected athlete not accepting team membership will lose their selection and the next highest-ranking athlete will be asked to join the team. Any open selection spots will be offered on a first come first served basis. So, those athlete wishing to participate that may not have ranking list performances should sen din their applications as well.

The AIDA Depth Freediving World Championships is a biannual event that brings the world's best freediving national teams together to compete in three events: Constant Weight with Fins, Static Apnea, and Dynamic Apnea with Fins. The top male and female national teams will be known as the World Champion.



Contact Information:

Grant W. Graves, President
United States Apnea Association, USAA

3642 Seahorn Dr.
Malibu, CA 90265
Phone: 310-560-6104

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