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Freediving Organizations and National AIDAs

AIDA, International Association for the Development of Apnea - World sanctioning organization

AIDA Canada - National AIDA of Canada

Canadian Association of Freediving and Apnea

AIDA Mexico

AIDA New Zealand

Underwater Society of America, USOA

Australian Freediving Association, AFA

AIDA Austria

AIDA Belgium

AIDA Brazil

AIDA Croatia

AIDA Czech Republic

Danish Freediving Association

AIDA Egypt

AIDA Finland

AIDA France

AIDA Germany

British Freediving Association, BFA

AIDA Greece

AIDA Hungary

AIDA Israel

Free Diving Israel

AIDA Italy

Japan Apnea Society

Dutch Freediving Association, DFA

AIDA Norway

Freedive Poland

Freedive Portugal

AIDA Russia

AIDA Serbia

AIDA Slovenia

AIDA Sweden

AIDA Switzerland

AIDA Ukraine

AIDA Venezuela



Club d'Apnee Sportive de Montreal

Freedive Toronto

Vancouver Apneist Club

Lazy Seals New Zealand

Tokyo Freediving Club

Oslo Freediving Club

No Tanx, GB

Salt-Freedivers, GB

Immersion, Netherlands

CIPA, France

The Tribe - UK


Medical and Safety Organizations

Divers Alert Network - Diving and freediving safety organization

Dive Wise - Fatalities Prevention

Divers Alert Network - Freediving Incident Report Form

The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society - Medical resource

World Freediving Medical Association

Germany Hyperbaric Chamber - in German

Egypt Hyperbaric Chamber


Anti Doping and Banned Substances Resources

United States Antidoping Administration site - for all your doping policy questions

World Anti Doping Administration - World Organization for doping policy

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory (WADA Testing)


Local Freediving Training Groups

Los Angeles Area Freediving Training Group

Monterey Bay Freedivers


Freediving Education

Performance Freediving International - Freediving Education

Freediving Instructors International


Immersion Freediving - Ted Harty

Freedive NYC


Frederic Buyle

Apnea Academy

Vertical Blue - William Trubridge

Apnea Canarias

Apnea Works - Ryuzo Shinomiya

Deeper Blue

Emma Farrell

Freedive the World


News and Online Resources

Deeper Blue - Online freediving resource for news, events, and forums

Apnea Mania - World ranking and other good history of freediving things

The Society for Human Performance in Extreme Environments - Group that studies how humans do this stuff.

Scuba Geek - Answers to many questions

Freedive Central

The Last Attempt

Hanapaa Fishing

Freediving Spots

One Breath - A Reflection on Freediving

Guinness World Records


Freediving Gear

Pro Dive International

Doc's Pro Plugs - ear plugs you can dive with

Oceaner Wetsuits

Suunto D4



Picasso America - Freediving gear and wetsuits


Freediver's Vest

Water Way Company

Chen Bin Fins



Dive Centers and Other Diving Resources

Malibu Divers

Blue Planet Divers Thailand




Enzo Maiorca

Annabel Edwards

Tanya Streeter Site

William Winram

Jana Strain

Martin Stepanek Site

Mandy-Rae Cruickshank Site

Natalia Avseenko Site

Ananda Escudero Gomes

Herbert Nitsch

Guillaume Néry

Frederic Buyle

Tom Sietas

Ryuzo Shinomiya

Umberto Pelizzari

Jacques Mayol - Unofficial

Stig Aavall Severinsen

Sam Stills

Lotta Ericson Site

Carlos Costa Site

Megan Heaney-Grier

Ant Williams

William Trubridge

Deborah Andollo

Kathryn McPhee

Carolina Schrappe

Karol Meyer

Gavin Grey

Kerian Hibbs

Pierre Frolla

Patrick Musimu

Gianluca Genoni

Benjamin Franz

Stephane Mifsud

Andy Le Sauce

Nathalie Desreac


Yasemin Dalkilic

David Lee

Peter Christensen

Jorg Jansen

Timo Jattu

Sebastian Näslund

Julia Petrik

Grégory Piazzola

Annelie Pompe

Rik Rösken

Kars van Kouwen

Pim Vermeulen



Fred Buyle


Courtney Platt

The Greater Meaning of Water

Colin Gans

Scott Cambell


Online Literature

Rubicon Foundation - Online resource for freediving literature and research publications

Rahn, H and Yokoyama, T. Physiology of Breath-Hold Diving and the Ama of Japan. 1965.

Lindholm P, Pollock NW, Lundgren CEG, eds. Breath-hold diving. Proceedings of the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society/Divers Alert Network 2006 June 20-21 Workshop. Durham, NC: Divers Alert Network; 2006

Wong RM. Taravana revisited: Decompression illness after breath-hold diving. South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society Journal 1999 Volume 29 Number 3

Prevention of Middle Ear Barotrauma

National Geographic Weddell Seal Article

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