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May 2006

'David Blaine; Drowned Alive' prepares to enter sphere May 1st at 1pm with Team Performance Freediving as coaches and safety.

David Blaine "Drowned Alive"New York Magician David Blaine to enter 8' diameter 'sphere' aquarium for seven days underwater and then end with an amazing breath-hold and life saving escape. Performance Freediving International will be maintaining a 24/7 vigil as coaches and safety divers during event and 2hr LIVE special on ABC Television.

Since early December the Performance Freediving Team has been working on a project with famous New York magician David Blaine for an upcoming 2hr LIVE special on ABC. It's been an exciting project that's had Team PFI training David in many facets of the underwater world including scuba diving & freediving.

David and Team Performance Freediving International (PFI)Recently David and Team Performance Freediving International (PFI) worked with world famous underwater cinematographer Bob Talbot in the Cayman Islands. This while the team was training for world record freedives during their event 'Sink Faze Cayman 2006'. An amazing combination of people at the top of their industries working to create some of the underwater worlds most amazing underwater results.

David is now set to perform two endurance stunts; first is to live in a special aquarium for 7 days and nights underwater; second, immediately follow it up with an underwater escape attempt that will span more than eight minutes underwater on one-breath of air. All of this will be LIVE on his 2hrs ABC special this May 8th, 8pm EDT.

We hope you join Team Performance Freediving International as coach/trainer Kirk Krack, 6-time World Record Champion Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and 9-time World Record Champion Martin Stepanek work as the primary safeties and coaches while David endures 7 days & nights underwater and the immediately makes a daring escape attempt while underwater for over eight minutes on one-breath of air.

It will be fun, it will be exciting and it will leave you....breathless :>)

Kirk Krack
604-628-7416 Vancouver Office
954-302-2791 Ft Lauderdale Office
604-862-5868 Mobile

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Pictures provided by Rebecca Garrett, Deron Verbeck, Tec Clark and Jon Zeaman.