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Antidoping in Freediving

USAA and AIDA both believe in and support fairness in sport. The antidoping efforts in all sports has been receiving great attention as of late. This area is provided to help support athletes, coaches, organizers and administrators efforts to keep freediving doping free.

The World Anti-Doping Agency, WADA, is the governing body world wide in the effort to keep sports doping free. Their primary concern is related to the Olympic movement, but most doping policies for all sports and activities look to WADA for their own systems and policies development. Both USAA and AIDA make use of the resources provided by WADA.

USAA follows AIDA's Antidoping policies. AIDA currently conducts urine testing for all World Record performances and for the top teams and random athletes at Team World Championships and the top athlete and random athlete at the Individual World Championships.

Please double check both of these sites for the most current information possible.

United States Anti-Doping Agency link

World Anti-Doping Agency link

Anti Doping Resources

Athlete Anti Doping Handbook USADA 2011 (pdf)

USADA Athlete Guide to the 2011 Prohibited List (pdf)

USADA 2011 Wallet Card (pdf)

USADA 2011 Prohbited List Advisory Statement (pdf)

Summary of WADA Changes for 2011 (pdf)

WADA 2010 reintroduction of pseudoephedrine to banned list (pdf)

WADA Prohibited List of Substances 2012 (pdf)

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