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USAA Team Wear

Men's Three in One Jacket

Includes the vest. All weather with hood that can be rolled up on to the neck. Water resistent and breathable. Has mesh lining. Official Men's US Team Wear. US Flag on left shoulder, USAA Logo on front with Team USA under the logo, Sponsors logos and AIDA logo with your name. USA Freediving on the back of the jacket. Vest has USA Freediving on back and front has logos of sponsors, AIDA and USAA with Team USA under it.

Vest that zips into jacket



Women's Shell

Women's Shell does not come with the vest. USA Freediving on the back. Front is just like Men's Three in One Jacket. Your name on the jacket.



Uni Sex Slicker Jacket

This jacket is a rain slicker type jacket. Freediver on the back. Front is the same as the above jackets.


Men's and Women's Vests

These vests are sized and cut for men or women. Available with Freediver or USA Freediving on the back. Front has USAA logo with Team USA under it, AIDA Logo and sponsor logos. Please specify sex and size when ordering.


United States Team
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