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Grand Cayman 2007: PFI Second Cayman Open Competition

Click here for images from the event.

USAA and CAFA co-sanctioned this annual event. Eleven athletes from all over North America and the world participated in the competition. The event was four days long. It consisted of two days of pool and three days of depth diving spread over those four days. Athletes had the opportunity to select what disciplines they would like to attempt each day. The overall great number of point from all disciplines would be the winner. Only one performance in each discipline would be counted. So, if an athlete choose to not participate in a discipline it would hurt their overall standings.

Eleven National record and one World Record were set during the competition. Click HERE for full competition results.

Five new US National Records were set during the event.

Julie "Jewels" Russell Constant No Fins Record of 44 meters.

She broke her own previous record of 43 meters set at the 2006 US Nationals.

Robert King and Wes Lapp Constant No Fins Record of 48 meters.

This is a first. Never before have two US athletes declared the same new record on the same day. Since depth disciplines are declared the day before the performance and the start order is random, it is possible for two athletes to set the same record on the same day. In pool disciplines, the athletes following the first performance can go firther or longer. In the case of depth dives, the athlete following the first athlete cannot go deeper than their announced performance. So, it makes it possible for co-record holders to exist. The USAA welcomes them both. They broke t

he previous record set by Leo Y. Muraoka of 47 meters set in Duhab, Egypt at Triple Depth in 2005.

George Bell Masters Dynamic Record of 51 meters and Masters Constant Record of 30 meters.

George is the current Masters record holder for Constant No Fins which he set at this event last year. Masters are considered any US athlete that is 50 years of age or older when they set their record. Current overall National Records are held by Masters. The USAA believes that freediving provides a unique opportunity for athletes of all ages to participate in the thrill of competition and the fun of being a member of the freediving tribe. Freediving is known for the longevity it provides for all athletes to participate at world class levels. The USAA encourages anyone of any age to consider participating in freediving competition and fun events either as an athlete or volunteer. Recreational freediving can be enjoyed by anyone of any age from very young to over 100 years as long as you have elementary comfort in the water.


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Pictures provided by Rebecca Garrett, Deron Verbeck, Tec Clark and Jon Zeaman.